How to invest


Make an informed decision.


If you buy an investment product based on financial advice and a recommendation, you should get a product that meets your needs and is suitable for your particular circumstances.  Financial advice will depend on a number of factors such as what product you are looking for, your finances and your short and long-term goals.

If you have any questions about investing in Rathbone funds, and its suitability, a financial adviser can help you make an informed decision.


Choose a suitable fund:

Do you want income, capital growth or a combination of both from your investment? Do you prefer a riskier investment with greater potential for growth, or a less volatile investment with slower, steadier growth?


Decide how much to invest, and when:

How much you invest is a very personal decision which must consider a number of things. Do you want a tax-free investment, or will you want fast access to your invested funds?  You may favour a riskier approach to investing, but how much can you afford to lose?

Visit our fund pages to access useful reports and help you decide.

If you have any questions or require further information to support your investment decisions please contact us.

Our distribution partners:

You can invest in our funds through our distribution partners.  A few of our fund platforms and life companies are listed below:

  • 7IM International
  • Novia Global
  • Old Mutual International
  • Pershings
  • SEB
  • Moventum


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