In Conversation January 2024

Investment updates direct from our fund managers.


Since our last update, a lot has happened in markets.

Heinous events in Israel threatened to escalate into wider conflict in the Middle East, while there was no cessation in the war in Ukraine.

As we look across the pond towards the US and closer to home in the UK, 2024 will be an interesting year with voters going to the polls to elect new leaders.

A lot of time and attention has been soaked up by central banks and their outlooks, with global investors wondering if interest rates have peaked. And if they have, how long before we start to see them cutting rates.

Our managers explain how they are navigating current challenges and finding opportunities, they also outline fund performance, positioning and what they believe lies ahead.

We trust these insights will help you assess the role our funds can play in your investment propositions and client portfolios.

Ben Johnson - Head of Regional Sales (UK)