About us


We believe that by focussing on our specific areas of expertise we can deliver long term investment returns which meet our clients’ expectations and are superior to our competitors. Our long established and highly experienced investment teams have the autonomy to follow their own unique process within an environment that is passionate about client outcomes yet supportive of our people. 

We believe in the power of small teams working autonomously which builds a culture of engagement, motivation and accountability. While acting independently we know we can learn from each other, so there is a strong collaborative environment supported by our remuneration structure which balances performance and being a good corporate citizen. Influenced by our parent, a UK listed company, we have built a more sophisticated governance and oversight process than one might expect of an asset manager of our size.

Our approach

We use our experience to take a long-term view, resisting the temptation to panic in the face of volatility, but rather to see opportunities when others are blinded by short termism.

We take well thought out decisions based on experience rather than on what might be popular  in the moment. We think intelligently, act decisively and make ourselves completely accountable for our decisions. Our fund managers have the freedom to invest in line with how they see the world, while benefiting from a solid framework that gives them the support they need to fully mitigate risks. 

We believe this autonomy empowers them to follow their convictions and focus on returns. We always seek to do the right thing.


At Rathbones Asset Management we combine the flexibility and teamwork of an investment boutique with the strength and resources of a large, patient parent. Our long-established and highly experienced investment teams have the autonomy to follow their own unique processes, as well as the incentives and support to focus on delivering for our clients. We empower our investment teams to strike their own paths and follow their own views. We believe in the power of small teams to build a culture of engagement, motivation and accountability.


We champion diversity in all its forms, as different perspectives and life experiences allow us to challenge received wisdom and stand out from the crowd. When everyone on a team has similar backgrounds, worldviews and skills, they tend to see the same opportunities and overlook the same risks. Combining people from all walks of life, who have different talents, who come from different cultures and who have faced different challenges, widens a team’s horizons. This fosters an environment where anyone can challenge ideas means ensuring an atmosphere of respect and confidence.

Rathbones Asset Management is delighted to be an early signatory of the ACT Framework. ACT is the Corporate Culture Standard for Investment Companies created by City Hive. The framework allows stakeholders greater visibility on how companies are taking action to ensure they have a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.


We believe in the power of small teams that are given the freedom and support to focus on what they can do well. Tight-knit teams encourage camaraderie and prevent people hiding from mistakes and the lessons they provide. Our fund managers and analysts have the independence to forge their own paths, yet they know this means they are accountable for their actions. This is extremely important, because it makes our people highly attuned to creating long-term returns for our clients, respecting that it’s our clients’ money that is at risk.  


Rathbones Asset Management is wholly owned by Rathbones Group, one of the largest listed UK wealth managers. Rathbones has provided financial services since 1912. This gives us resources beyond what would be expected of a small, nimble fund management business. It means we have sophisticated governance and oversight processes over both our funds and our business. Our large, supportive parent helps us secure good deals with top-flight partners in trading, asset custody and auditing to give peace of mind to our customers, large and small.