When I’m 64

Nobody knows what the future holds, but we hope you enjoy David’s ‘predictions’ of what might happen before he turns 64.

By 3 June 2019

Just because it’s impossible to read the future, doesn’t mean it’s no fun trying. Here are my lucky-dip predictions for what the world may look like when I celebrate my 64th birthday in 2029.  If you’re a regular reader of our In the KNOW blog, you’ll know to take some of these forecasts with a dump truck of salt …

  1. The Bank of England will change its inflation target to a rolling average rather than its absolute 2% one; that could mean the 10-year gilt yield remains below 2.50% throughout
  2. Asia Pacific will deliver the best stock market returns of any major region
  3. UK house prices, adjusted for inflation, will be lower in 10 years’ time
  4. American stocks will continue to outstrip European ones
  5. By the end of the decade, only a quarter of UK 18-year-olds will go to university
  6. Passive investing will be falling out of fashion as the next 10 years wind down
  7. EU regulators will abolish fund performance fees
  8. After Britain joins 'EU Lite' (a new common market) with Turkey, Norway, Greece and Italy, Nigel Farage will found the EU Litexit Party
  9. Scotland will be a part of France, as the Auld Alliance succeeds in the very long game
  10. John Bercow is replaced by Amazon’s Alexa as speaker of the House of Commons in 2029




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