Twenty-twenty (four) vision

After the roller coaster that was 2023, the team discuss getting their bearings for the year ahead. Then, speaking of creaking behemoth structures in need of investment, they explain why they’ve been buying general infrastructure funds for the first time ever. Finally, a new portfolio holding is German medtech company Carl Zeiss, which specialises in cutting-edge tools for eye health. Perhaps some of Carl Zeiss’ products may help us all better see what the year ahead might hold…

By Rathbones Multi-Asset Portfolio Team 16 January 2024 Rathbones Multi-Asset Portfolio Team

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This podcast was recorded on 11 January 2024.

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Rathbones multi-asset investing team: 
David Coombs, Head of Multi-Asset Investments  
Will McIntosh-Whyte, Fund Manager, Rathbone Greenbank Multi-Asset Portfolio funds and Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolio funds 
Craig Brown, Senior Multi-Asset Investment Specialist 
Rahab Paracha, Sustainable Multi-Asset Investment Specialist 

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