Scotsman Annual Investment Conference 2021 David Coombs

Scotsman Annual Investment Conference 2021 David Coombs

By 30 April 2021

Watch David Coombs as he discusses the healthcare sector at this year’s Scotsman Annual Investment Awards.

A wave of future healthcare demand driven by an ageing population has been looming over the UK for years. The pandemic has brought that future into the present, focusing many minds on the need for more investment, smarter methods and better technologies to care for our sick and infirm. 

David argues that we need to increase the efficiency of our health service, not necessarily its capacity. This is where digital technology can create such fantastic opportunities: automation, self-administered testing machines, digitised patient records, increased use of remote appointments and much, much more. 

Done right, this technological revolution would also benefit NHS staff. Streamlined processes with AI assistance could alleviate the need for drudge work, freeing up more time to focus on more impactful, fulfilling work.