Responsible Capitalism in the US: Part II Technology’s role in a sustainable future

Sustainable investing is no longer as obvious as buying stocks in windfarms or building insulation manufacturers. Rathbone Global Sustainability Fund manager David Harrison explains how technology companies have become some of the biggest drivers towards a more sustainable world. 

By 21 April 2020

A door lock manufacturer is probably not the first company that comes to mind when seeking sustainable investments. After all, how much can a company that makes locks and access control systems contribute to sustainability?

The answer is a lot. In increasingly connected homes and office buildings, doors can be opened wirelessly by a mobile phone. They can also be made to be more efficient, which reduces the amount of energy used to heat and cool buildings. Case in point: according to lock manufacturer Assa Abloy, the performance of doors and windows can influence up to 20% of a building’s energy usage.




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